Taylor's been on board with ePlanet Mortgage for over 3 years. Working with ePlanet she's been able to challenge her skills as a processor. Taylor's mission is to exceed every client’s expectation. As the senior processor, she prides herself in over delivering every promise. Growing up in Los Angeles, California as the daughter of successful Real Estate entrepreneurs, Taylor Carter always understood the value of hard work and dedication. As a Senior Loan Processor for ePlanet Mortgage, her own hard work has certainly paid off in spades. Her ability to make her clients feel at ease, as well as her ability to think outside the box has earned her a stellar reputation among her clientele. In just the last year, Taylors team has funded over $73 million in transactions. She attributes her team's enormous success and growth to her strategic alliances with Loan Officers, who appreciate her commitment to service. Taylor has enjoyed being a resident of Los Angeles for the last 13 years. While she's not busy helping her clients, she enjoys cooking, interior design, and spending time with family.