With over 21 years in the Real Estate Industry and a background in corporate finance, Erica Jones began her career as a realtor and later transitioned to a Mortgage broker in the ultra-competitive Los Angeles market.
Harnessing diverse experience, in mortgage underwriting, loss mitigation, credit consultation and wealth acquisition she helps clients navigate through the home loan process with ease.
Understanding the challenges that face most consumers, Erica remains committed to finding solutions for her clients. Specializing in mortgage options Erica is sure to get you approved with a wealth building strategy.
As President of ePlanet mortgage; a direct lender and broker she and her team pride themselves on their company's core value. Our success is the result of the lives we change daily.
With a broad portfolio of loan products, servicing a multitude of states we won't be beat.
ePlanet Mortgage your customized mortgage solution.
When she isn't working Erica loves traveling abroad with her husband, philanthropy and spending time with family.
A passionate women on a mission to forage legacy.