Hi, I’m Dana Jones, it is a pleasure to meet you virtually.

I started in the business world young graduating high school in 1996 and started a lifelong journey of being an entrepreneur in 1999, opening my car lot in Maryland. I built a team of 10 and ran the business successfully until 2005. Then, I realized I wanted a different future for Dana Jones and a more meaningful way of life! The satisfaction I received from delivering on people’s vehicle needs wasn’t sufficient. I wanted to create more impact on people’s lives, so I turned to real estate.

Since 2005 I’ve been helping buyers, investors, and sellers buy and sell real estate. Also, I hold rentals in Baltimore, Maryland, to satisfy the renter’s needs. I found joy in dealing with home buyers, sellers, tenants, and investors! I would spend hours guiding them in the right direction of life and freedom. Helping people has always been my passion. There isn’t anything more satisfying than seeing others fulfill their purpose.

In 2013, I moved to Los Angeles. I expanded my real estate business and became active in the commercial fix and flip lending to help investors reach their financial goals. Recently, however, I am more focused on residential lending because I’m a day-to-day peoples person.

I love worshipping in Church on Sundays. My family and I enjoy hiking on Saturdays, weekly dinners, and movie nights. I work out five times a week to keep my mind and body energized for my success and the success of my clients. My Favorite football team is the Rams, Go Rams!

In 2019, I started playing Golf to challenge my mind further. I’ve studied the thriving areas in Los Angeles so I can help my clients purchase new homes in optimum communities. Also, by knowing the market, I can help my homeowners decide whether to move or refinance makes a better financial sense. We’re licensed in California, Maryland, Texas and Georgia!

I work from dawn to dusk to secure financing for potential home buyers. I do everything I can to close their transaction fast so they can move to their new home as quickly as possible. After the initial home purchase or refinance, most of my clients become my friends. Building excellent rapport and lifelong relationships is the mission of Dana Jones and ePLanet Mortgage! The Mortgage Revolution that gets you the best Solution!

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Dana Jones
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Website: www.eplanetmortgage.com
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